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Experienced and highly qualified

Our experienced and highly qualified educational facilitators offer Early Learning Centres and Primary and Secondary School groups the opportunity to participate in individually tailored education activities aligned with the Australian National Curriculum. We also offer stimulating and unique educational experiences for TAFE, University and international students as well as community and special interest…

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Detailed consulting services

A specialist unit operated by Natura Pacific, Natura Consulting offers a variety of detailed consulting services to the infrastructure, government and development sectors. We have worked throughout Eastern Australia, South-east Asia, the South Pacific Islands, Central America and the Middle East on ecological, GIS mapping, and water quality assessment…

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Natura Pacific

Natura Pacific is committed to environmental education and to the management and conservation of the natural environment.

We achieve this by involving groups in practical and theoretical education with a focus on ecology, geology, environmental science, tourism and culture. Our guides are hand-picked for their environmental knowledge and ability to deliver their knowledge and passion for the natural environment to groups of various ages and interests.

Natura Pacific also provides Government and the tourism and development industries with professional advice and management plans. Our work is conducted by local, experienced and highly qualified consulting staff.

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Natura Pacific is proud to have recently received the monthly Environment and Sustainability Award as part of the 2015 Gold Coast Business Excellence Awards.

Our business, as a social enterprise, does charity by doing trade, directly investing into the education of our young generation using the profits made from consulting. During the course of running the business we make our customers aware that our consulting team generates funding that goes to our company’s education sector and is therefore redistributed back into projects aimed at restoring and conserving the environment and local community.


“ All the students and staff at All Saints would like to thank you very much for the wonderful experience you provided to our Year 8 students. It was certainly a learning curve for them and provided a much better understanding of our waterways. Everything has a consequence and I am sure they realise now how important it is to protect our environment especially our waterways. I know Nigel has also sent you an email but I too wanted to thank you also. Hoping to continue our community liaison in the future.”
Lyn Melrose, All Saints Anglican School

“Just wanted to thank you for an awesome day! We had a great day and gathered some relevant evidence.”
Danielle De Redder, Tamborine Mountain High School

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