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Natura Pacific is committed to ecological consulting, environmental education and to the management and conservation of the natural environment.

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The importance of nature, our ecosystems and the environment cannot be overstated, but is still often overlooked. Natura Pacific endeavors to be a name that is known for delivering superior quality environmental management practices and knowledge. We provide awareness, resources, and the assistance for our clients to play their part in making our community more sustainable. We work with government bodies, development industries and infrastructure sectors understanding that they can create a positive impact if they are provided with the right professional advice and management assistance and support. Our team of scientists and educators have been hand-picked for their experience, knowledge and ability to deliver client projects through their passion for success while protecting the natural environment.

We are making a substantial difference in our community and working for an ecologically improved tomorrow through our services. However, one step from us requires industries and individuals to take a step as well. Reaching out for our services can help you focus on a solid environmentally sustainable outlook without having to redirect your core business – we work collaboratively with you, taking care of all the difficult and complex background elements of your projects to help you build a more sustainable world.

By working with Natura Pacific you are supporting a social enterprise.

This is where business strategies are applied to achieving philanthropic goals. Profit from Natura Pacific is used by Natura Education to subsidise the development and implementation of outreach programs.

In other words, we do charity by doing trade.

As a result of this unique business model, in the last 10 years Natura Pacific has:

  • Represented a voice for the global environment in over 280 projects in 8 countries around the world
  • Facilitated the preservation of 22,000 ha of high quality land for conservation
  • Directly funded or co-funded the delivery of 15 curriculum-aligned school programs
  • Provided direct, hands-on teaching to over a quarter of a million young people
  • Taught at over 180 schools and community groups
  • Started up in-situ conservation programs for 5 threatened species
  • Developed teaching resources including 2 apps, 3 catchment guides and 4 field guides

For more information take a look at some of our recent projects in both Consulting and Education.

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