Grey-headed Flying-fox

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Our flying forest caretakers - the story of the Grey-headed Flying-fox.

Understand the importance of flying-foxes in long-distance pollination and seed dispersal and how this service is vital for native trees, native forests, and crops.




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Grey-headed Flying-fox

Pteropus poliocephalus

52 million years ago, our early mammal ancestors living on a hotter, drier planet, developed something remarkable...the power of flight! This group of mammals, the bats, have since diversified across the globe into over 1,200 species. Here in South East Queensland, they have evolved into a spectrum of sizes, shapes and colours each suited perfectly to an important role in our ecosystem. From pest controllers to pollinators, they are vital pieces of a grand puzzle, but for some people, they can be perceived very differently. In recent years many bat species have declined extensively and there is now evidence that this could have drastic consequences for us too. This is the story of the Grey-headed Flying Fox.

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