Southern Pink Underwing

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Mysterious creatures of the night - the story of the Pink Underwing

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Southern Pink Underwing

Phyllodes imperialis subsp. smithersi

The Australian night can be a daunting place. Centuries-old tales of mysterious creatures abound, and in our deepest, darkest forests, strange calls emanate from the gloom. However, for our native wildlife, living under the cover of darkness has been a saving grace enabling them to escape daytime predators. While this is true, it does make the job of conservationists harder in knowing exactly what exists out there in the blackness. And this is certainly true for some of our nocturnal insects, many of which we know next-to-nothing about. For one giant of the night, only recent discoveries have shed light on its ecology and its struggle to survive in the remnants of its rainforest habitat. This is the story of the Southern Pink Underwing.

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