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Biodiversity Preservation Takes a Step in the Right Direction with the Australian Government’s Threatened Species Strategy   Australia is home to a mega diversity of flora and fauna! Unfortunately, these same native species face one of the highest extinction rates in the whole world, and the horrifying Black Summer bushfires of 2019-2020 have exacerbated the
READ THE FULL WHITE PAPER THE DISTRIBUTION AND ECOLOGY OF THE SOUTHERN PINK UNDERWING MOTH PHYLLODES IMPERIALIS SMITHERSI SANDS (LEPIDOPTERA: EREBIDAE) IN NEW SOUTH WALES Abstract. The distribution, ecology and conservation status of the Southern Pink Underwing Moth Phyllodes imperialis smithersi Sands and its larval food plant Carronia Vine Carronia multisepalea F. Muell. was investigated
The Australian night can be a daunting place. In our deepest darkest forest strange calls emanate from the gloom. For some of our native wildlife, living under the cover of darkness has been a saving grace enabling them to escape daytime predators. However, this does make the job of conservationists harder in knowing exactly what

Melaleuca Irbyana Tree Planting Day

On the 14th of September 2020, Natura Pacific facilitated a tree planting day in the Logan Council Area, to aid in the recovery of one of the most threatened plant species in Logan, Melaleuca irbyana or the Weeping Paperbark. The current distribution of this species is limited to only around 1,000 hectares in the Logan
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The social, environmental and business benefits of going beyond compliance A review of the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (EPBC Act), its ineffectiveness and the social and consumer demands for going above and beyond the Australian Government’s key environmental legislation.  The current 10 year review of the EPBC Act is in its final
Natura Pacific Duck-billed Platypus
Reversing the decline of the iconic Duck-billed Platypus in South East Queensland – ‘Back from the Brink’ kick-starts Season 3 to spread awareness on the plight of this critically important keystone species. Natura Pacific is premiering Season 3 of our ‘Back from the Brink’ documentary series with an episode on the the unique and mysterious
Natura Pacific Back from the Brink
What is Carbon Farming and how can it benefit me? Basically, Carbon Farming is a way that land managers can contribute to the global reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by managing their land in a way that ensures carbon dioxide remains within the vegetation, soils, water-bodies and biomass of our landscapes rather than being released
Natura Pacific Back from the Brink
In 2015 a review of the status of the Koala in coastal South East Queensland was undertaken. This review found that, despite protections, Koala populations had declined by 50 to 80% in the 20 years leading up to the review (Rhodes et al 2015). These findings led to the development of a Koala expert panel
Natura Pacific Richmond Birdwing
Richmond Birdwing Butterfly South East Queensland’s rainforests are home to some remarkable Australian species that share distinct characteristics with the island of New Guinea to our north. Indeed, once joined across what is now the Torres Strait, this shared land-mass gave free rein for the colonisation of both sides by similar rainforest creatures, including the