Natura Pacific Back from the Brink
Since 2017 Natura Pacific has produced the ‘Back from the Brink’ series… This is the first venture of its kind to showcase a series of short films about South East Queensland’s most threatened plants and animals, what is happening to them, and how we can help save them from extinction. From giant orchids to hammerhead
Cascade Tree-frog
Cascade Tree-frog (Litoria pearsoniana) Amphibians play a crucial role as bioindicators due to their high sensitivity to environmental changes, offering valuable insights into ecosystem health (Defenders of Wildlife, 2023). The Cascade Tree-frog (Litoria pearsoniana) is a fascinating amphibian species found in the rainforest gullies and wet sclerophyll forests of north-eastern New South Wales and south-eastern
Educating communities about the importance of our bat populations is becoming more important as the threats they are facing increase. Because of their importance as a keystone species in Australia’s ecosystems, and general misunderstandings within the populous, it is imperative that people are informed and well educated around Flying Foxes and Microbats so they can
Stingless Bee
Stingless Bee (Tetragonula carbonaria) Pollinators play an integral role in the world’s ecosystem as they facilitate the pollination process of many of the world’s flowering plants. For example, without pollinators such as bees, agricultural crops would cease to thrive, leading to the demise of the animals that rely on them for sustenance, including us! (BBC,
Grey-headed Flying-fox
Grey-headed Flying-fox (Pteropus poliocephalus) 52 million years ago, our early mammal ancestors living on a hotter, drier planet, developed something remarkable…the power of flight! This group of mammals, the bats, have since diversified across the globe into over 1,200 species. Here in South East Queensland, they have evolved into a spectrum of sizes, shapes and
Plunkett Mallee
Plunkett Mallee (Eucalyptus curtisii) Connecting Communities Native Seed Project – 2023 Update Author: Nicholas Groenenberg Since 2016, Natura Pacific has headed up an amazing project in South East Queensland to save native seeds from development areas and grow them into young plants for conservation areas. To date, over 7 million seeds of 136 species have
So Much Plastic! We see it on our beaches, in our street gutters and storm drains, wedged in trees, behind bushes and even in the stomachs of dead animals, yet for some reason we still use massive amounts of single use plastic on a daily basis. Humanity has created over 8.3 billion tons of plastic
Bringing a beautiful big garden to a small space The Natura Pacific team were recently offered the very rewarding job of creating a beautiful vertical garden at the home of Lorraine and Patrick on the Gold Coast. After moving into a smaller home they found they missed their garden so much that they went searching
The end of another year is approaching and we would like to take a moment to say thank you! Thank you for working alongside us or being involved with us and the projects we work on. We would like to share with you a little video about what we all have been able to achieve…