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VIDEO: Australia’s beautiful spring wildflowers

Take a look at some of the exquisite Australian wildflowers that Natura’s ecologists have photographed on their travels this Spring. These little treasures can be found hidden away in so many places at the right time of year, all you need to do is take a bit of a closer look… Do you need some …


Meditation and Mindfulness – Helping to deal with stress

Does life stress you out at times? Well you are certainly not alone! In fact nearly one in four Australians reported moderate to severe stress levels according to The Australian Psychological Society’s 2014 National Stress and Wellbeing in Australia Survey[1]. While we cannot eliminate every source of stress, thankfully we can increase our capacity to …


VIDEO: Native stingless bees – Adding brood to a budding box

Once again we join Natura’s Director, and resident native bee expert, Kieran to learn more about keeping and caring for native stingless bees. In this video Kieran, with some help from his young son, shows you how to extract brood from an established hive to transfer into a budding box to create a whole new …


VIDEO: Back from the Brink – Part 6: Richmond Birdwing Butterfly

Join us as we visit the amazing rainforest of Tamborine Mountain to learn all about the beautiful Richmond Birdwing Butterfly (Ornithoptera richmondia). Nick Moore, manager of the Tamborine Rainforest Skywalk, shares with us his knowledge of this vulnerable species as well as what efforts are being made to help its population recover… If you are interested …


Our incredible habitats: Queensland’s perched lakes

Have you ever heard of a perched lake? Perhaps you have been lucky enough to visit one but didn’t realise just how special it really is? For me, a recent visit to one of these amazing lakes, Lake Poona near Rainbow Beach, has inspired me to want to learn more! Perched lakes are also known …


Planting a native tropical garden is easier than you think

The tropical or Balinese garden style is a very popular one in Australia. In fact many urban gardens lend themselves to this garden style with lots of shaded areas to be found close to buildings. And of course with many of us wanting to recreate our ideal holiday setting at home, it is no wonder …


VIDEO: Back from the Brink – Part 5: The Albert’s Lyrebird

In this latest instalment of ‘Back from the Brink’ we meet Naturalist Jeff Eller who tells us all about the Near Threatened Albert’s Lyrebird (Menura alberti) living in the beautiful forests of Tamborine Mountain. Jeff shares his passion for this spectacular bird and what work is being done to help it survive into the future. …


Money grows on trees – Measuring the $$ value of vegetation

Okay, I know money doesn’t actually grow on trees. But it might as well. In fact, the dollar value of trees is scientifically measurable. Research actually shows that trees are providing genuine economic benefits to people that are truly worth protecting. Just one example is one that we tend to think of first: trees improve …


Connecting people to nature – A challenge of the modern world

Humans have co-existed with other beings in the natural world for ages, but how would you define your connection with nature? Humans are born as a part of nature, and it explains why many of us tend to both crave and seek out ways of connecting with it. However, chances are for most of us, …


VIDEO: Back from the Brink – Part 4 (Cont.): The Phrygian Bee Orchid in Turkey

Welcome back for the second part of our story about the Phyrgian Bee Orchid, filmed in the beautiful mountains of Turkey. Join Yasemin Konuralp, botanist and tour guide, to find out her ideas of how this tiny orchid can be better protected into the future. Also find out what she has decided to do to help …

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