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VIDEO: Kids in Nature – Making the most of your experience

Getting outside with your children or the children in your care is not only lots of fun but has also been shown time and again to have significant benefits for childhood development. So how do you really make the most of your time with kids in nature? In this video Dionne Coburn, an Educator and …

VIDEO: Organic recycling at home

Organic recycling at home can be so simple. This is a great eco-friendly way of disposing of your fruit and vegetable scraps while fertilising your garden at the same time. Watch as Senior Educator and waste expert Lucy Fouche shares some quick and easy tips to get you started.

VIDEO: The Catchment Journey – Series 1 What is a catchment?

So what is a catchment? Is it something important and does it affect you and me? Adam from Natura Education explains the vital importance of our local catchments and how e can all help to  keep them healthy into the future.

VIDEO: Amazing adaptations in Australian native plants

Take a moment to learn about some of the amazing adaptations that some of our Australian native plants have made in order to survive in their environment. In this video Kieran Richardt talks about the fascinating pitcher plant and how it has an amazing and engaging story to tell that can be one of many …

VIDEO: Aussie plants are coming out of the dark with a native plant app

What if we could make use of our amazing Australian native plants for all types of gardening and landscaping? What if up and coming app technology was able to help us plan our gardens in such a way that we were contributing to conservation at the same time? Dr Mark Runkowski introduces an exciting new …

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