Building Sustainable Businesses

We can help you to build a sustainable business. We guide and support our clients who wish to improve their sustainability and socio-environmental ethic.

NaturaPacificGreenWallNatura Pacific is a social enterprise and we pride ourselves in being bound to an ethic that promotes all of our day-to-day work as having long-term benefits for our clients, our community and our environment.

From designing apps to help assist developers and community in bringing back native biodiversity to their parks and gardens, to building large, self-sustaining green walls for the inside of office blocks and communal spaces (the one pictured has been installed in our own premises and we can help you build one too), our Sustainable Business Services have much to offer in the way of advice and practical support services on how to extend and value-add to your company’s social and environmental capital.  This also offers you a great point of difference when marketing your services to your own clients.

kids-and-recyclingFor many years we have focused on optimising our own business model that allows us to ‘do charity by doing trade’ using our own in-built education department and an array of social and community-based activities. Through our Sustainable Business Services, we can also offer access to our education department to other businesses, which allows them to realize their own community outreach potential (find out more here about how your business can get involved).

Using up-to-date technology such as energy saving tools and equipment, cloud-based data-sharing, e-conferencing and stringent recycling protocols, we have reduced our ecological footprint significantly. We also work hard to instill simple measures of sustainability among the communities and businesses with whom we collaborate. Our Sustainable Business Services can help your company to do more too.

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