Construction Monitoring and Audits

Natura Consulting offers a comprehensive range of services in construction monitoring and audits to ensure that your project is completed successfully and with full attention to environmental risk mitigation.

With increasing scientific understanding of risks posed by the construction industry to ecological values worldwide, our expert consulting team help achieve sustainable outcomes for any construction project. Monitoring regimes are typically initiated using a desktop analysis of current legislation necessary for the local area, alongside a scoping assessment of developmental activities and likely impacts. Then, sustainable threshold values are calculated and a monitoring and management plan drawn up that is agreed upon by all stakeholders. Auditing schedules are then set and our staff help to undertake and evaluate the data throughout the various phases of construction.

Our monitoring and auditing procedures cover:

  • Water-quality monitoring
  • Fauna spotter-catching
  • Fauna population and habitat auditing
  • Vegetation monitoring (ecosystem and community-based)
  • Monitoring habitat values
  • Weed and biosecurity monitoring
  • Sediment and erosion control
  • Site regeneration and offset monitoring
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