Ecological Assessment

Natura Consulting provides ecological assessment and impact reports throughout Australia, South-east Asia and the Pacific Islands.

Natura-Pacific.com_CONSULTING_ECOLOGICAL-ASSESSM_Image1Our ecological assessments are comprehensive and cover a range of taxa and environments from wetland ecosystems and forests to arid lands and montane areas. Assessments generally cover field searches for significant species, habitat features and ecosystem services as well as identifying elements of risk to the health and perpetuity of the ecosystem, such as weed infestations, pollution and altered hydrology. Our team of qualified botanists and wildlife biologists are equipped with current legal and scientifically-rigorous methods for collecting data and ensure that it is completed in a replicable and representative manner. Many of our staff have published multiple peer-reviewed original research articles in international journals surrounding various topics in ecological assessment.

Data is compiled into detailed reports identifying the locations of significant elements of the ecosystem as well as ways to conserve, rectify and manage these elements into the future. With a strong focus on long-term environmental health and sustainable resource use, we have helped many companies, co-operatives and community groups undertake their chosen project or activity while maintaining a healthy ecological balance in their environment.

In the past our ecological assessment projects have included:

  • Sustainable forest resource use and valuation
  • Ecological land valuation for sustainable agro-industry
  • Environmental health surveys
  • Species abundance and population assessment
  • Measurements of biodiversity value and ecosystem health
  • Long-term monitoring against deterministic change (e.g. climate change, urbanisation, recreational use)
  • Activity-related impact monitoring
  • Comprehensive species lists and protected area planning
  • Threatened species recovery plans
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