Environmental Impact Assessment

Natura Consulting undertake feasibility, baseline and full environmental impact assessment for opportunity and outcome analysis as well as for project approval processes.


We work to provide environmental impact assessment services on a variety of different infrastructural projects, from linear power-easements to more complex multi-faceted developments such as residential estates and resource extraction sites. Throughout the development and maintenance phases we invest time into careful surveillance, monitoring and assessment of environmental resources, ecosystem processes and species that may be affected. Our team work tirelessly to isolate potential issues before they arise and determine best-practice solutions to avoid negative impacts to both business finance and the environment.

Our services include:

  • Preliminary and desktop scoping assessments of likely developmental impacts
  • On-site and site locale impact monitoring services including biotic and abiotic
  • Infrastructure GIS-based and aerial photographic impact assessments
  • Species-specific impact analyses
  • Biosecurity assessments and management plans
  • Long-term impact monitoring frameworks
  • Risk analysis indices
  • Ecosystem-based monitoring procedures
  • Overall stage-by-stage environmental health assessments
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