Management Plans (Flora, Fauna and Biosecurity)

Management plans and monitoring of species and protected areas are a major issue for many projects throughout the world.

Natura Consulting provides clients with qualification and quantification of ecological values in relation to development proposals. This includes assessing ecological risks to threatened species, regional ecosystems and significant habitats as well as managing biosecurity. We provide advice on conservation issues, site-specific management and future monitoring procedures for both natural and development areas. This includes the provision of reports and management plans during construction and operation phases, for example:

  • Covenant Management Plans
  • Open Space Management Plans
  • Threatened Species Management Plans
  • Rehabilitation Planning
  • Fauna Management Plans
  • Vegetation Management Plans
  • Environmental Protection Plans
  • Biosecurity Risk Assessment

The biosecurity of development and conservation sites is an issue that is receiving greater levels of attention and importance. The impacts of weeds, pests and disease can compromise not only the ecological values of a site but can also impact the economic viability of a project, both during development and in the post-development management phase. Our team is highly experienced in dealing with planning and management for biosecurity  and can offer comprehensive advice and planning for both current and future management.

Need Help with the Queensland Flora Survey Trigger Map?

The Protected Plants Flora Survey Trigger Map shows high risk areas for protected plants and is to be used to help determine flora survey and clearing permit requirements for a particular location. Areas shown on the map as high risk are subject to particular requirements under legislation. To meet clearing requirements or be eligible for certain clearing exemptions you will need to obtain and keep a copy of the high risk area map for the area subject to clearing. With some exceptions for certain
activities, maps requested from this site are valid for a period of 12 months from the date of request. After 12 months you will need to obtain a new protected plants flora survey trigger map to determine clearing requirements for your area of interest.

management-plans-imageNatura Pacific can undertake a comprehensive flora survey prior to undertaking any clearing of protected plants in an area identified as high risk on the map, unless we can determine that the clearing can be done under a relevant exemption. Our flora survey protocols comply with the Protected Plants Flora Survey Guidelines and, when required, we can provide an alternative methodology to be endorsed by the chief executive of the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection.

Please contact us if you need assistance with Flora Survey Trigger Maps.

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