Nature-based Recreation and Ecotourism Planning and Research

Natura Pacific provides unique solutions to individuals, businesses, government departments and NGOs worldwide who wish to develop sustainable nature-based tourism and recreation opportunities.

Our services and expertise provide the development of infrastructural, activity and management-based protocols that reduce the impacts of tourism and recreation on natural areas whilst also maximising opportunities for people to engage with nature.

We believe in the importance of carefully designed nature-based tourism and recreation ventures so that their use does not detract from the very values people come to enjoy.

We can readily provide the knowledge, advice and experience necessary to undertake the following:

  • Designing and implementing recreational infrastructure such as trails
  • Calculating visitor carrying capacities
  • Offset management and economic viability studies
  • Determining zonation and appropriate use of natural areas for tourism and recreation
  • Pre and post-construction ecological monitoring
  • Monitoring activity-related impacts such as trampling and noise disturbance
  • Targeting one-off problems associated with each unique nature-based tourism destination
  • Promoting nature for tourism and recreation.

Planning an event in a National Park?

Our team recently explored the issues around recreation in National Parks and how to assess their suitability. Take a look and contact us if you’d like to explore your ideas.

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