Rehabilitation Planning and Implementation

Natura Consulting works closely with qualified and experienced bushland rehabilitation specialists that can provide hands on approach to rehabilitation and revegetation.

Natura-Pacific.com_CONSULTING_Rehab Planning and Contract Admin_image2Our knowledgeable staff and partners have an up-to-date understanding of the need for accurate and thorough rehabilitation monitoring and design. Working within scientific realms and through best-practice industry techniques, we are able to provide detailed landscape and rehabilitation plans that target specific ecosystems, species and legislative requirements. From local-scale assisted habitat regeneration to large-scale landscape designs and covenant plans, our team have delivered an array of positive outcomes to developers and the environment.

We work strongly with geographic information systems (GIS) to help provide easily-interpretable visual aids to required on-ground actions. This includes CAD drawings and satellite imagery and analyses using ESRI software.

Our rehabilitation planning and implementation services help to cover:

  • Detailed sustainable landscape plans
  • Landscape operational works applications
  • Landscape statement of intent plans
  • Bushland, open space and covenant rehabilitation plans
  • Detailed design cross-sections for waterway and riparian environments
  • Erosion mitigation planning
  • Water-wise urban design
  • Development of bill of quantities, contractor quote review and landscape contract administration


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