Silkwood High School

Biodiversity Assessment Program

In 2017 Natura Education conducted an eight-week Biodiversity Assessment program which was created specifically for a group of Grade 9 and 10 students at Silkwood School who had a particular interest in biodiversity and environmental assessment. The program was designed to undertake a full biodiversity assessment of a natural bushland area that occurred on the school grounds. Throughout the program, the students were actively engaged in a variety of environmental survey techniques such as water quality testing, vegetation mapping (using a drone), plant identification, survey planning and data collection techniques, tree survey, fauna and fauna habitat survey, threat identification assessment and rehabilitation and monitoring. This group of students were directly involved in all of these activities and were given the opportunity to learn the skills required to conduct these surveys directly from qualified environmental scientists who work in the field. The school also benefitted through the provision of a baseline biodiversity assessment report including high-quality aerial imagery of the site which will be used to monitor site condition into the future.