Smithfield Bypass

Fauna Significant Residual Impacts Assessment

During the wet season of 2018, Natura Consulting undertook on-ground surveys of specific threatened fauna including listed migratory species and resident state and federally-listed threatened species within the clearing impact area of the proposed 3.1 km section of the Smithfield Bypass. Intensive field surveys were undertaken across a proposed impact area to the west of the Cattana Wetlands. The surveys included diurnal and crepuscular surveys. Data collected included calls, observations and other evidence of presence including recordings using motion-sensor camera traps. Monitoring of call data utilised the triangulation technique to identify calling wading birds without disturbing vegetation/bank breach. Data was analysed and compiled into a Survey Results and Amended Design Proposal report in alignment with EPBC referral requirements and submitted to the client. This report formed the foundation of required offset works in association with the development to help alleviate likely significant residual impacts on local and regional fauna populations.