So Many Ways to Save Water and $$$

So Many Ways to Save Water and $$$

Water is precious and so is your hard earned cash! So believe it or not the cost of a dripping tap definitely adds up over time. Luckily there are plenty of ways to reduce your water use, and even better, save money at the same time.

Water-Saving-Tips-HeaderAustralia is the driest inhabited continent on Earth and water conservation is very important if we are to meet the ever-growing demand for this essential but scarce resource [1]. In this dry country we depend on water sources such as the underground Great Artesian Basin and the many rivers and waterways that snake across the landscape to supply us with the precious water that we use every day. But did you know that they are at risk of drying up?

Did you know?    About 40% of all water consumed in the home is used in the bathroom. A quarter of that water is flushed down the toilet! [2]

Being water wise at home is the best way to do your bit to save water, and the best part is that it is super easy once you know how! Here are just 5 of the many simple tips you can use at home:

  1. Take shorter showers and use the half flush button to flush the toilet.
  1. Spread mulch in the garden for better water retention and start a compost.                                           
  2. Use the eco-friendly setting on your dishwasher.
  1. Rinse fruit and vegetables in a basin in your sink and then tip the water on your garden.                
  2. Check for and repair leaks – a single dripping tap can waste up to 200 litres per day! [2]


Growing in the RainDid you know?    10% of water in your home is used in the kitchen! [2]

There are hundreds of clever ways for us all to save water and money at the same time. If you would like some more water saving tips then take a look here:

Water supports not just us but all life on our planet – making it a very precious resource indeed! Don’t pour your money down the drain – take an active role and save water at home today!







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[Plant growing in the rain]

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