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VIDEO: Natura Pacific helping to inspire innovation and build partnerships

Natura Pacific are proud to be partnering with Griffith University in a project rich in innovation which will see technology playing a role to support improving the biodiversity of south east Queensland. This project received a valuable contribution of funding through the Queensland Government’s Advance Queensland Knowledge Transfer Partnerships program. This video, produced by the Queensland …


GroNATIVE – A new app to improve Queensland’s biodiversity

Beginning in 2016, Natura Pacific, partnering with Griffith University, was successfully awarded a grant to create a brand new app for south-east Queensland. As part of the Labor Government’s ‘Advance Queensland’ initiative, this project seeks to provide innovative and exciting new technology for people in south-east Queensland to bring back native vegetation. From private urban gardens …


GroNATIVE: Taking gardening with natives to the next level

Using Australian native plants for gardening is not a new concept. In fact we have been encouraged by many celebrity gardeners for some 25 years or more to give growing our Aussie natives a go. Indeed there are some distinct advantages in growing native plants with one of the biggest being their ability to meet …


VIDEO: The GroNATIVE App development caught on film

The GroNATIVE app is happening and we are so excited! Take a sneak peek into some recent filming of the app’s development conducted here at Natura Pacific. The app, which is being created in collaboration with Griffith University, promotes the use of native plants in our gardens in order to improve biodiversity, reduce garden weed …


VIDEO: GroNATIVE with our amazing local native plants!

Natura Pacific, in collaboration with Griffith University, is very excited to be working on a new project ‘GroNATIVE’. GroNATIVE will give south east Queenslanders an easy to use resource that can help guide you in the selection of locally native plants for your garden or landscaping project. Dr Rochelle Steven is working hard researching the species that are readily …


VIDEO: Aussie plants are coming out of the dark with a native plant app

What if we could make use of our amazing Australian native plants for all types of gardening and landscaping? What if up and coming app technology was able to help us plan our gardens in such a way that we were contributing to conservation at the same time? Dr Mark Runkowski introduces an exciting new …


Natura’s native plants app scores share of $1M funding

Most of the plants that end up as weeds in the Australian landscape start out as garden plants. But a Gold Coast social enterprise is about to make inroads in reduce the spread of weeds. Natura Pacific, based at Burleigh Heads is working in partnership with Griffith University to produce an app which will help …


Welcome to the New Age: how apps can help us to identify and conserve species

This story first appeared in Wildlife Australia Magazine, published by Wildlife Queensland, with all proceeds directed to wildlife conservation projects. There’s nothing quite as satisfying as discovering something that you have never seen before. For biologists this might involve the rediscovery of a previously-thought extinct species, for pharmacists it may be the discovery of a medical breakthrough, …

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