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Yarrabilba Long-Term Environmental Management Project – South East QLD

Since 2011 Natura Pacific has been working closely with developers in a 2,012 ha disused pine plantation at Yarrabilba in south-east Queensland. Upon completion, the site will house an estimated 45,000 people over about 20 years. The site contains ecological assets such as connected regional ecosystems, wetlands and waterways, species of conservation significance and important habitat features. …


Native Fauna Assessment – Mount Gravatt East QLD

In 2015 a native fauna assessment for the purpose of protecting and managing fauna species during proposed works was undertaken by the Natura Pacific team for a proposed community title development in Mount Gravatt Qld. Native fauna and habitat values and features of the site were assessed using both desktop and a variety of field …


Ecological Assessment – Karana Downs QLD

This ecological assessment was undertaken by Natura Pacific in 2015 in order to assess and report on the viability of a proposed development for a single building and its associated infrastructure from an ecological perspective. The study involved desktop assessments of relevant databases and maps in order to identify potential constraints, ecological communities, habitats and …


VIDEO: Searching for Koalas in South East Queensland

Spend a few moments with Mick and Dave from our consulting team as they undertake field surveys in the Logan Shire of South-east Queensland. As you can see from the footage of this wild and beautiful bushland, there is more to Logan than meets the eye, including being the home to many populations of our precious …


Changes to Queensland’s Vegetation Management Act

Just last month on 17 March 2016, the Queensland government has put forward proposed changes to vegetation management laws in the sunshine state. The changes have been titled under the Vegetation Management (Reinstatement) and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2016, and propose to reinstate responsible vegetation management laws for Queensland (Department of Natural Resources and Mines, …


Counting up the benefits of biodiversity in urban areas

Of all the ways that we humans have changed our landscape, urbanisation has probably resulted in the most evident changes to the natural environment. More than half of the world’s population now live in towns and cities, and with increasing rates of urbanisation right across the globe there are major concerns about the effect that …


Ecosystems: A game-changer for Queensland developments

As planners, engineers, developers and consultants we are all involved in the constant balancing act of supporting human progress and development whilst still sustaining a healthy natural environment. Add to this the challenges of regular political upheavals and policy changes and you find you have quite a task on your hands! From a legislative point …

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