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Bat Education for the Australian Curriculum

Educating communities about the importance of our bat populations is becoming more important as the threats they are facing increase. Because of their importance as a keystone species in Australia’s ecosystems, and general misunderstandings within the populous, it is imperative that people are informed and well educated around Flying Foxes and Microbats so they can …


Sustainability Superheroes! A visit to Substation33

Somewhere in Kingston in south-east Queensland, a small social enterprise is making huge waves in sustainability and within the surrounding community. Substation33 comprises a small team of incredibly dedicated people who have banded together to deliver a novel recycling and education social enterprise that is solving some our region’s greatest waste issues – that of …


Outdoor Education – 6 activity ideas to get you started

Kids learn best when they’re having fun and what could be more enjoyable than getting outdoors and close to nature? There’s an emerging concern that children are missing out on the benefits of outdoor activities because parents may be anxious that their children will be hurt at play and that it’s safer to stay indoors. …

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