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Pimpama River Catchment Study Guide – South East QLD

Produced during 2013, the Pimpama River Catchment Study Guide rolls together information on catchment health, environmental processes, cultural significance, water quality, catchment health assessment and monitoring procedures in a ‘user-friendly’ format for teachers and students. It also provides lesson plans including a catchment tour for teachers and students and work booklets for students from years …


Outdoor Education – 6 activity ideas to get you started

Kids learn best when they’re having fun and what could be more enjoyable than getting outdoors and close to nature? There’s an emerging concern that children are missing out on the benefits of outdoor activities because parents may be anxious that their children will be hurt at play and that it’s safer to stay indoors. …


VIDEO: Kids in Nature – Making the most of your experience

Getting outside with your children or the children in your care is not only lots of fun but has also been shown time and again to have significant benefits for childhood development. So how do you really make the most of your time with kids in nature? In this video Dionne Coburn, an Educator and …


A Waterwatch Progress Report

Our Waterwatch team has been ever so busy and we wanted to share with you what we got up to during July to September of the 2015 program! During this period our educators worked with 11 schools and approximately 1,035 students, wow! With all of these enthusiastic young waterwatchers we successfully carried out monitoring at …


Intrinsic Benefits of Nature-based Education in Schools

Natura Education specialises in nature-based education, providing outdoor learning incursions and excursions to schools around the Gold Coast, Southern Brisbane and Northern NSW regions. Our team of educators and scientists are passionate about the benefits of learning about the environment by spending time in nature. By actually getting out into the natural environment, students have …

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