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The rare and beautiful Coxen’s fig-parrot – How you can help!

Is this South East Queensland’s rarest bird? The Coxen’s fig-parrot (Cyclopsitta diopthalma subsp. coxeni) is arguably South East Queensland’s rarest bird, with only a handful of sightings having been made (in secret) in the past decade to reporting authorities such as BirdLife and the Queensland Government. This species is apparently only just hanging on in …


VIDEO: Back from the Brink – Part 7: The Coxen’s Fig-parrot

As a follow on from our recent blog story on this rare and elusive bird, take a look at this short video with Dr Rochelle Steven who tells us a bit about the Coxen’s Fig-parrot. More importantly, find out what you can do to help secure the future for this tiny but spectacular Australian bird. If …

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