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VIDEO: Kids in Nature – Making the most of your experience

Getting outside with your children or the children in your care is not only lots of fun but has also been shown time and again to have significant benefits for childhood development. So how do you really make the most of your time with kids in nature? In this video Dionne Coburn, an Educator and …


Counting up the benefits of biodiversity in urban areas

Of all the ways that we humans have changed our landscape, urbanisation has probably resulted in the most evident changes to the natural environment. More than half of the world’s population now live in towns and cities, and with increasing rates of urbanisation right across the globe there are major concerns about the effect that …


Recreation and events in National Parks: how do you assess suitability?

When most people think about national parks, they’re probably thinking about public places, protected for their beauty, their biodiversity and their wilderness. In the southeast Queensland bioregion, 13% of the landmass is included in the national park estate. When you compare this to the statewide average of 5%, we’re punching above our weight. But then …

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