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Plastic in everyday life – Let’s reduce the use!

So Much Plastic! We see it on our beaches, in our street gutters and storm drains, wedged in trees, behind bushes and even in the stomachs of dead animals, yet for some reason we still use massive amounts of single use plastic on a daily basis. Humanity has created over 8.3 billion tons of plastic …


Queensland joins fight against plastic bags

Have you heard the news about plastic bags? The Queensland Government has not long ago implemented changes to the types of plastic shopping bags that are allowed to be given to customers by retailers. And one thing is for sure – these changes will more than likely affect most of us if we are not …


6 Things you didn’t know you could recycle

Recycling is a wonderful thing, and with the growing knowledge that our resources are limited and the impact their extraction is having on our environment, there are few that would deny that recycling is indeed the way of the future. For many of us it has already become a way of life and thanks to …


Through the Eyes of an Educator: Wipe Out Waste for Term 2

I have had a lot of fun working both in the Wipe Out Waste mobile classroom and in school classrooms to spread the word on how to Wipe Out Waste! Wipe Out Waste is a primary school program that raises awareness and develops students’ understanding of how they can reduce, reuse, recycle and rethink when …

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