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The Waterways Field Guide – Teaching Resource

The Waterways Field Guide Project was conducted during 2015 to 2016 and was a joint initiative between Natura Education, City of Gold Coast and Gold Coast Waterwatch. This project produced four practical, informative and colourful field guides for students and community groups to use while exploring our waterways.  This project brought together well-researched information on all aspects …


Pimpama River Catchment Study Guide – South East QLD

Produced during 2013, the Pimpama River Catchment Study Guide rolls together information on catchment health, environmental processes, cultural significance, water quality, catchment health assessment and monitoring procedures in a ‘user-friendly’ format for teachers and students. It also provides lesson plans including a catchment tour for teachers and students and work booklets for students from years …


Waterways Field Guides now available at Gold Coast Libraries

Some exciting news this week for the many people who have shown interest in the recently released Waterways Field Guides – they are now available at the many branches of Gold Coast Libraries. In fact we were very excited to receive a photograph of a display set up by the Southport Branch Library showcasing these …


Waterways Field Guide – Series 2 to 4 are here!

In December last year, Natura Pacific and City of Gold Coast released the first in a series of field guides titled “Waterways Field Guide, Series 1: Water Bugs”. Take a look at our article on this here. Being an initiative of Gold Coast Waterwatch, the Water Bugs guide was quickly heralded to be a success by …


Waterways Field Guide Series 1: Water Bugs – A Fantastic New Resource for Teachers, Students and Scientists Alike!

We at Natura have been working on an exciting new project recently for Gold Coast Waterwatch that we simply can’t wait to share with all and sundry! Haven’t heard of Waterwatch? Well, Gold Coast Waterwatch is a community service initiated and supported by the City of Gold Coast that engages with early learning centres, primary schools, …


What can Gold Coast Waterwatch achieve in a year?

Gold Coast Waterwatch is a community service initiated and supported by the City of Gold Coast and facilitated by Natura Education. When delivering Waterwatch we engage with early learning centres, primary schools, secondary schools, community groups and community events to educate participants on the importance of healthy waterways and catchments. It is part of Waterwatch …


Environmental Scientists as Teachers

Science is recognised as a pathway to innovation, and environmental science plays a significant role in meeting the new global challenges of our time. In Australia, environmental science is among the world’s best for quality, with our strengths lying in water science and technology, ecological modelling, and nature and landscape conservation[1].  The Australian Government has …

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