Central Greater Glider

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Out of the frying pan, into the fire - the story of the Central Greater Glider

Understand how disrupted fire ecology can affect tree-dwelling mammals such as rare possums and gliders and how the recent bushfire catastrophe has had dramatic consequences for them.




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Central Greater Glider

Petauroides armillatus

Australia is a land of extremes. Despite millions of years of evolution, our native species are finding new challenges as they face increasingly turbulent patterns in our climate. Australia’s east coast, normally wetter and cooler than the hot interior, is a land of trees. Among the most widespread are our gum forests and woodlands, which are vital habitats for our native mammals. However, with increasingly persistent dry seasons and higher spikes in annual temperatures, can our forest specialists adapt? For one species in particular, understanding its ability to hang on in increasingly small forest remnants, is now critical for its future. Having recently been split by scientists to form three new species, including one that lives in South East Queensland, this is the story of the Central Greater Glider.

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