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Why Natura?

Our commitment is to provide ecological consulting & environmental education through the management and conservation of the natural environment. Our hand-picked, experienced team of scientists and educators are passionate about delivering successful client projects while protecting the natural environment.

Natura Pacific operates as a social enterprise, this means that we do charity by doing trade: Profit from Natura Pacific is used by Natura Education to subsidise the development and implementation of environmental education and outreach programs for schools and community.

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Our Services

Natura Pacific is committed to ecological consulting, environmental education and to the management and conservation of the natural environment.



Natura Education provides education institutions with an exciting range of nature-based incursions and excursions aligned with the Australian Curriculum and/or requested learning experiences.



Natura Consulting is a professional consulting service that was established in 2006 to fill the need for expert and detailed environmental consulting services to the infrastructure, government and development sectors.

“We work collaboratively with you to make a substantial difference in the community. We will take care of the complex elements and together, we can help build an environmentally sustainable world.”


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As part of our consulting services, Natura Pacific are proud to have been involved in a wide variety of projects over the last 10 years. From creating apps and mapping WiFi hotspots to Koala offset management, catchment assessments and rehabilitation planning.


Natura Education have delivered nature-based learning programs throughout south east queensland and beyond for many years, reaching out to thousands of students and community members and producing high quality educational resources that will be used by schools for years to come.


Want to know more about environmental initiatives near and far? Or maybe learn more about things like threatened species, native gardening or better ways of getting kids outside?

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