GroNative App

GroNATIVE South East Queensland App

GroNATIVE South East Queensland is a joint initiative between the Queensland Government, Natura Pacific and Griffith University. The free app for smartphone and tablet promotes the use of native plant species in gardens and urban landscapes and shows people how native species can easily replace garden plants that often become weeds. The app allows people to learn about, select and grow native plants for their gardens thus helping to restore native vegetation and biodiversity-based on their postcode area. This app incorporates 16 garden styles, 40 native ecosystems and over 400 local native plants to provide tailor-made planting palettes to encourage people to turn their plot of land into a wildlife haven. The app helps reduce the costs of managing local ecosystems by stemming the flow of exotic plants into neighbouring vegetation and therefore reducing the need for remediation. It also helps us develop gardens and urban landscapes to function as significant green corridors that help retain local biodiversity. So far the app has been downloaded over 19,000 times and is being used and promoted by 15 nurseries, 4 councils and various research institutions and community groups across South East Queensland.