Introducing Phyllodes imperialis subsp. smithersi the Southern Pink Underwing This moth grows up to 16cm across from wing-tip to wing-tip and has striking colouring. The front-wings are broad and deep brown with incredible markings and venation that make the wings appear like a dead leaf. It even has a small white ‘leaf miner’ marking
Natura Pacific _Melaleuca Irbyana Tree Planting Day

Melaleuca Irbyana Tree Planting Day

On the 14th of September 2020, Natura Pacific facilitated a tree planting day in the Logan Council Area, to aid in the recovery of one of the most threatened plant species in Logan, Melaleuca irbyana or the Weeping Paperbark. The current distribution of this species is limited to only around 1,000 hectares in the Logan
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The social, environmental and business benefits of going beyond compliance A review of the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (EPBC Act), its ineffectiveness and the social and consumer demands for going above and beyond the Australian Government’s key environmental legislation.  The current 10 year review of the EPBC Act is in its final
Natura Pacific Stingless Bee
Did you know that there was such a thing as a Stingless Bee? Meet Tetragonula carbonaria, an incredible and unique Australian… In this latest episode of Back from the Brink, we look at how important Australian native bees are to our environment and our own existence. Stingless bees are small, shiny and black, and are found across
Educating communities about the importance of our bat populations is becoming more important as the threats they are facing increase. Because of their importance as a keystone species in Australia’s ecosystems, and general misunderstandings within the populous, it is imperative that people are informed and well educated around Flying Foxes and Microbats so they can
For the Gold Coast hinterland, one species needing our help in mapping and understanding where it’s last populations hang on, is the Cascade Tree-frog (Litoria pearsoniana). So what is a bioblitz? Well, it is a 24 hour rapid survey of a natural area to determine the tapestry of living things that occupy that space. Take
Natura Pacific Richmond Birdwing
With a wing-span of up to 16cm, the Richmond Birdwing is South East Queensland’s largest butterfly! In this Christmas special episode of Back from the Brink, we delve into the life-cycle and conservation challenges facing this remarkable insect and look at how we can work together as a community to help save it from extinction.
Natura Pacific Back from the Brink
Since 2017 Natura Pacific has produced the ‘Back from the Brink’ series… This is the first venture of its kind to showcase a series of short films about South East Queensland’s most threatened plants and animals, what is happening to them, and how we can help save them from extinction. From giant orchids to hammerhead
Natura Pacific Back from the Brink
In 2015 a review of the status of the Koala in coastal South East Queensland was undertaken. This review found that, despite protections, Koala populations had declined by 50 to 80% in the 20 years leading up to the review (Rhodes et al 2015). These findings led to the development of a Koala expert panel