Holiday Programs

In our Holiday Programs children will embark on eco-adventures, and unravel the mysteries of ecosystems, biodiversity, and sustainable living. Our expert educators blend fun and education, creating a dynamic environment where curiosity flourishes!


An interactive and hands-on workshop to inspire and teach children all about composting, organic gardening and worm farming. Each child will make their own mini compost as well as create a special hand-made pot. This will be planted to become their very own mini garden to take home and share with their families.


This workshop is all about the importance of reuse in a fun and creative way! Children reuse items from nature and from the household to create works of art and learn all about the importance of recycling in the process.


Mini beasts galore! The children will get up close and personal with bugs from land and water while learning all about the way they live their lives and what they need to survive. This is an engaging way to connect children with the creatures that are living all around us and how important it is to care for the environment in which we all live.

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