"You bridge the communication gap that often occurs between the developer and the council."

~ Geoffrey Booth

"Legislative knowledge is excellent. Liaison and relationships with regulators are excellent."

~ Landmatters

“Collaborating with Natura enables a connection between disciplines rather than just a transaction.”

~ Belinda Vogel Landscape Design

"A one-stop-shop for all the environmental requirements for any site.”

~ Greyburn Building Contractors

"Natura Pacific has the expertise to resolve complex environmental constraints within set timeframes. It’s always a pleasure working with the team.”

~ RPS Australia Asia Pacific


Interpretive Signage

Natura Pacific was engaged by Lendlease Communities to create a suite of interpretive signage focussed on the Indigenous history and culture of the landscape surrounding the newly emerging Yarrabilba community in Logan Shire. The signage included 10 small signs explaining the Indigenous uses for a variety of native plant life that occurs in the local bushland, along with 6 larger interpretive panels that further explored the significance of the local landscape to the Indigenous people.

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Our commitment to innovation and the environment has resulted in the development of our latest technology the GroNATIVE App. The collaborative project was undertaken in partnership with Griffith University and the Queensland Government. The platform serves as an easy to use resource for South East Queensland communities to select and integrate native plant species into garden and landscaping projects, promoting biodiversity and supporting the wider ecosystem.








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As a social enterprise, we do charity by doing trade. Profit from Natura Pacific's environmental consulting services is used by Natura Pacific's education team to subsidise the development and implementation of environmental education and outreach programs for schools and communities. Find out how we can help fulfil your corporate social responsibility and strengthen relationships within the communities you serve.

We take care of the complex elements so together,
we can help build a sustainable future.


Our services are delivered by a team of environmental specialists, scientists, management professionals and ecological experts. We have experience in a variety of sectors including government, private, research, development, infrastructure and others, and provide practical management solutions and environmental risk management. Our team are highly trained and bring a wealth of industry experience, providing a solid platform for professional consultation and environmental risk mitigation.  Our professional and experienced team have extensive knowledge of planning requirements, constraints and current legislation at local, state and federal levels. Our consultants can readily assess your project plans and provide thorough and up-to-date advice on what constraints exist and the best way to obtain the approvals required to ensure that a suitable outcome is achieved for both your project and the environment. All of our clients can be assured that our team works not only with expertise and skill but also with dedication and integrity, ensuring that the ethics and standards set by our social enterprise are maintained across all of the work that we do.

✓ Preliminary Ecological Advice
✓ Due Diligence, Constraints, Risks and Opportunities Assessment and Advice
✓ Stakeholder Engagement
✓ Preparation, Lodgement and Coordination of Approvals
✓ Environmental Impact Assessment
✓ Environmental Protection Plans
✓ Threatened Species Management and Monitoring
✓ Open Space and Covenant Management
✓ Offset and Rehabilitation Planning and Implementation
✓ Waterway Constraints Advice
✓ Fauna Spotter Catching and Nestbox Installation
✓ Water Quality Assessment
✓ Biosecurity Assessment and Invasive Species Management Plans
✓ Vegetation / Fauna Management and Tree Clearing Plans
✓ Dewatering Management Plans
✓ Social Enterprise Procurement


Natura Pacific has a strong focus on digital spatial data analyses and presentation which allows our team to provide you with visual, easily-interpretable data that makes decision- making and project steering highly efficient. Our comprehensive understanding and use of GIS software such as ESRI ArcGIS, QGIS, AutoCAD and the use of complex drone operations mean we can provide up-to-date and spatially accurate mapping products for your project that portrays on-ground imagery and specialist spatial data together in high quality detail. Aerial drone technology provides an accurate means of monitoring and managing environmental concerns before, during, and after development takes place.  Our team of experts at Natura Pacific are highly trained in drone survey technology and can assist with the interpretation of the drones’ findings, so you can pre-emptively prepare for any foreseeable issues.

✓ GIS Planning and Analysis
✓ Constraints Mapping and Analysis
✓ Drone Aerial Survey and Imagery
✓ Infrared Aerial Fauna Survey
✓ NDVI Aerial Survey, Mapping and Analysis
✓ Coastline / Estuarine Aerial Survey and Mapping
✓ Baseline mapping and Aerial Imagery
✓ Waterway Mapping and Assessment
✓ On-site GPS Ground-truthing
✓ Time-series spatial data analyses
✓ 3D modeling of project areas
✓ Spatial regression and fragmentation analyses
✓ Landscape-scale mapping packages


Natura Pacific offers the expertise of a team of highly qualified and experienced ecologists that are skilled in all aspects of vegetation survey, analysis, planning, and monitoring. Whatever the nature of your project we can offer the expertise to undertake comprehensive and accurate vegetation assessments including for threatened species management, translocation and offsetting, ecological constraints analysis, regional ecosystems and significant habitat assessment as well as assessment and management of weeds and biosecurity. Our experienced team provides clients with qualification and quantification of ecological values as they relate to your development proposal. We provide advice on conservation issues, site-specific management, and future monitoring procedures for both natural and development areas. This includes the provision of reports, maps and management plans during both the construction and operation phases of your project.

✓ Biodiversity Surveys
✓ Flora Assessment and Protect Plant Survey
✓ Ecological Assessment
✓ Threatened Species Assessment and Monitoring
✓ Vegetation Management and Tree Clearing Plans
✓ Offset and Rehabilitation Planning, Implementation and Monitoring
✓ Environmental Impact Assessment
✓ Construction Monitoring and Audits
✓ Environmental Protection Plans
✓ Weed Assessment, Management and Biosecurity
✓ Terrestrial and Aquatic Habitat Assessments
✓ Water Quality Assessment
✓ Coastal and Marine Plant Management
✓ Spatial and GIS-based Mapping Services


Natura Pacific has a dedicated and experienced team of fauna specialists who hold regulatory permits, licenses, and certification for the identification, handling, and care of all native species, including venomous snakes. We deliver site assessments and ground-based corroboration of mapped fauna constraints using IR drone, specialist GIS, and survey methodologies to properly assess for cryptic species such as arboreal and nocturnal mammals, and migratory birds. Our highly experienced team also provide both licenced fauna spotter catcher services as well as vertebrate pest management expertise. Wildlife nestbox installation and monitoring services are also offered and form part of a community engagement program conducted in partnership with TAFE Qld and correctional centres. Our team is specially-equipped and trained to provide accurate consulting advice to you surrounding all fauna management for your project.

✓ Biodiversity and Fauna Surveys
✓ Ecological Assessment
✓ Environmental Impact Assessment
✓ Threatened Species Assessment and Monitoring
✓ Fauna Impact Assessment
✓ Fauna Spotter Catching
✓ Dewatering Management Plans
✓ Nestbox Supply, Installation and Monitoring
✓ Fauna Management Plans
✓ Terrestrial and Aquatic Habitat Assessments
✓ Waterway and Fish Passage Assessments
✓ Pest Animal Management Plans