Natura Consulting is a professional consulting service that was established in 2006 to fill the need for expert and detailed environmental consulting services to the infrastructure, government and development sectors.


Our services are all delivered by our team of environmental specialists, scientists, management professionals and ecological experts. We work with government organisations, private sector, universities, development industry, infrastructure industry, and others to provide practical management solutions and environmental risk management.

At Natura Consulting we ensure that developmental processes are optimised when it comes to environmental risk management. We undertake ecological management plans, environmental assessments, planning and other ecology related services with our research, methods of assessment, consultation, implementation, and all other processes being handled efficiently and effectively. Our expert team works not only with expertise and skill but also with dedication and integrity.

We have worked throughout Australia, South-east Asia, the South Pacific Islands, Central America and the Middle East and have established a range of international networks and expertise in the fields of:

These services aim to be at the forefront of professionalism, expertise, training and problem solving in the environmental consulting industry. Our team is highly trained and bring a wealth of industry experience to our company, providing a solid platform for professional consultation and environmental risk mitigation. 

Take a look at the map below to see the location of some of our recent projects, or find more detail in our Recent Projects.

Natura Pacific is a social enterprise, which means that we do charity by doing trade.

The motivation for our business is to provide industry leading environmental management services which then serve to subsidise the development and implementation of environmental education programs in schools and the community through Natura Education. Averaging over 35,000 students per year, our programs reach throughout the community, instilling an appreciation for the environment and sustainable living in our future generations. Through this we are able to assist you in achieving your own philanthropic objectives and generate good will throughout the community by choosing to engaging Natura Consulting for your projects.

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