Early Learning Centres

Natura Education offers sustainability incursions centred around environmental awareness within the early childhood sector.

Your centre can choose from:

‘Sustainability Bundle’

Includes three 30 minute sustainability incursions which will be delivered at your centre throughout the year at a time of your choosing. Lessons included are…

  • Recycling is Fun for Everyone: caring for our resources
  • Drips and Zaps: conserving our water and energy
  • Compostosaurs: organic recycling is easy

These lessons provide a fun, hands-on and interactive way of introducing these concepts to the children and delivering methods of introducing sustainability in your centre, and can often be aligned with one of the annual environmental events such as World Environment Day or National Water Week.

Bookings are now open for 2019! Click on the ‘Book Now’ button to secure your place.

‘Friends of the Earth Package’

This program delivers weekly 30 minute sustainability incursions that are interactive and hands-on over 8 weeks. For this package you can choose one of the following topic areas…

  • What Goes Around Comes Around: living sustainably with water, energy and recycling
  • Mrs Marden’s Magic Garden: the wonder of growing a garden and organic recycling
  • Mini Beasts and Bugs: the importance of biodiversity in our natural world plus getting up close and personal with mini beasts from the land and water

With these programs we accompany the children on an exciting learning journey that allows for the topics chosen to become an integral part of how the children see, think and do every day. As the children extend upon their learning each week so to does the centre as a whole!

Bookings are now open for 2019! Click on the ‘Book Now’ button to secure your place.

We specialise in introducing and supporting long-term sustainability practices and environmental awareness in your centre with the aim of generating long-term changes both within the centre and in the minds of the children that are attending.

Our sustainability incursions present environmental awareness with the aim of encouraging each child to be confident and inspired within the concepts of:

  • feeling connected to the natural world and to each other
  • being aware of the needs of our environment
  • actively knowing how to care for our environment
  • being responsible for caring for our environment
  • loving the natural world and using it as a place to explore, experience and learn

We offer the opportunity in your child care centre to support each child’s learning by teaching fun, hands-on and interactive lessons on a weekly basis (over an 8 week term) or as a ‘bundle’ of 3 sustainability incursions to be delivered throughout the year. Our focus age groups are from 2.5 to 5 years with age appropriate learning occurring in a fun and interactive way. Our early childhood incursions are delivered so that each child benefits in a way that suits their learning style, and with the intention of every child being inspired to increase their awareness of the environment around them.




Meet ‘Rocco’ the Natura Education Gecko. Rocco loves teaching children about the wonders of our natural world and how to help to protect and care for it every day.

(Rocco was proudly designed for Natura by our friend Amaya age 11 years)

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