Yarrabilba Plunkett Conservation Park

Trail Strategy

During 2018, Natura Consulting worked for Lendlease Communities in consultation with the Department of Environment and Science and Logan City Council in planning the future active adaptive management of recreational use within the natural areas interface of the new city Yarrabilba and the wider protected area complex of Plunkett Conservation Park that it borders. The work presented a scientific insight into the current use and use-related issues (social and environmental) of the area and used this to provide a structured active adaptive management plan for the future. The report found a number of important use related issues in the area as well as landscape-scale impacts such as inappropriate whole-of-park use and fragmentation. These issues were analysed across the Interface and wider protected area complex and solutions were provided. These included rezoning the Interface and wider protected area complex to allocate more appropriate areas for permissible recreational activities as well as the closure of some trails and creation of ‘no access areas’ to reduce fragmentation and disturbance of sensitive ecosystems and species. Strategic planning of trailhead design, wider infrastructural linkage and fencing, future rehabilitation of closed trails and a long-term action plan for managers were also provided.