Tallebudgeera Springs

Long-term Koala Offset Monitoring

Since 2016 and ongoing, Natura Consulting has provided services to Bale Family and Nominees at the new Tallebudgera Springs rural residential estate in the Tallebudgera Valley. Here we have conducted required offset works to allow for the clearing of Stage 2 of the development to take place with net gains to future Koala habitat, pursuant to the pre-existing Queensland Government Offset for Net Gain of Koala Habitat policy in South East Queensland. Conforming with the legislation, a park area of 2.7 ha had been specifically set aside for the re-planting of over 8,000 tube stock that consisted of Regional Ecosystem-aligned species and Koala food trees. The park design also permits the ‘stitching together’; of previously isolated sides of the Tallebudgera Valley with contiguous forest regrowth and allows for residents to enjoy the young forest by means of a fire-break trail walk. Regular 6-monthly ecosystem auditing of the progression of the offset planting is being undertaken as the park transitions to Council land in the near future.