Recreational Capacity and Condition Study

Starting in 2018, Natura Consulting has been working for Seqwater conducting a large regional study of the condition and capacity of recreational areas within Seqwater-managed dams and lakes. Covering a region of around 1.1 million ha and taking in 63 recreational areas spread across 18 dams and lakes, we have conducted targeted on-ground core recreational area and buffer area social, ecological and infrastructural data collection for these areas. This has been accompanied by high-definition aerial mapping and photography for all recreational areas to provide to the department. In combination this first-for-the-region suite of information for Seqwater helps the department's officers and planning teams better understand their options in planning and managing recreational use at their South East Queensland water-bodies. Both spatial and quantified data has been made available for the department’s use in managing both land-based and water-based activities as well as providing data to inform options around expansion and contraction of existing infrastructure and core areas for visitor use.