Natura Pacific Back from the Brink
In 2015 a review of the status of the Koala in coastal South East Queensland was undertaken. This review found that, despite protections, Koala populations had declined by 50 to 80% in the 20 years leading up to the review (Rhodes et al 2015). These findings led to the development of a Koala expert panel
Natura Pacific Richmond Birdwing
Richmond Birdwing Butterfly South East Queensland’s rainforests are home to some remarkable Australian species that share distinct characteristics with the island of New Guinea to our north. Indeed, once joined across what is now the Torres Strait, this shared land-mass gave free rein for the colonisation of both sides by similar rainforest creatures, including the
Natura Pacific Back from the Brink
Since 2017 Natura Pacific has produced the ‘Back from the Brink’ series… This is the first venture of its kind to showcase a series of short films about South East Queensland’s most threatened plants and animals, what is happening to them, and how we can help save them from extinction. From giant orchids to hammerhead
Cascade Tree-frog
Cascade Tree-frog (Litoria pearsoniana) Frogs are among the most sensitive animals to environmental change. Known as bio-indicators, these canaries in the coal mine as it were, have suffered from the impacts of city and farming expansion in South East Queensland. With the removal of vegetation along the previously crystal clear waters of our lowland streams,
Educating communities about the importance of our bat populations is becoming more important as the threats they are facing increase. Because of their importance as a keystone species in Australia’s ecosystems, and general misunderstandings within the populous, it is imperative that people are informed and well educated around Flying Foxes and Microbats so they can
Stingless Bee
Stingless Bee (Tetragonula carbonaria) With around one-third of human food crops dependent on pollinators like the stingless bee, the importance of these insects for our survival is not to be underestimated.  In recent years the world has watched as hundreds of different bee species have rapidly declined; some teetering dangerously close to extinction.  Many of
Grey-headed Flying-fox
Grey-headed Flying-fox (Pteropus poliocephalus) 52 million years ago, our early mammal ancestors living on a hotter, drier planet, developed something remarkable…the power of flight! This group of mammals, the bats, have since diversified across the globe into over 1,200 species. Here in South East Queensland, they have evolved into a spectrum of sizes, shapes and
Plunkett Mallee
Plunkett Mallee (Eucalyptus curtisii) South East Queensland is a biodiversity hotspot for native plants, with some species found nowhere else on earth. Among the dry sandstone ridges around Logan and Ipswich cities, some plants have evolved special adaptations to survive the tough conditions out in the sun. But while they have evolved into a plethora
So Much Plastic! We see it on our beaches, in our street gutters and storm drains, wedged in trees, behind bushes and even in the stomachs of dead animals, yet for some reason we still use massive amounts of single use plastic on a daily basis. Humanity has created over 8.3 billion tons of plastic