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VIDEO: Back from the Brink – Part 6: Richmond Birdwing Butterfly

Join us as we visit the amazing rainforest of Tamborine Mountain to learn all about the beautiful Richmond Birdwing Butterfly (Ornithoptera richmondia). Nick Moore, manager of the Tamborine Rainforest Skywalk, shares with us his knowledge of this vulnerable species as well as what efforts are being made to help its population recover… If you are interested …


VIDEO: Back from the Brink – Part 5: The Albert’s Lyrebird

In this latest instalment of ‘Back from the Brink’ we meet Naturalist Jeff Eller who tells us all about the Near Threatened Albert’s Lyrebird (Menura alberti) living in the beautiful forests of Tamborine Mountain. Jeff shares his passion for this spectacular bird and what work is being done to help it survive into the future. …


VIDEO: Back from the Brink – Part 4 (Cont.): The Phrygian Bee Orchid in Turkey

Welcome back for the second part of our story about the Phyrgian Bee Orchid, filmed in the beautiful mountains of Turkey. Join Yasemin Konuralp, botanist and tour guide, to find out her ideas of how this tiny orchid can be better protected into the future. Also find out what she has decided to do to help …


VIDEO: Back from the Brink – Part 4: The Phrygian Bee Orchid in Turkey

After a short break we return to our ‘Back from the Brink’ video series with Part 4, which was filmed far away in the mountains of Turkey. Meet Yasemin Konuralp who is a botanist and tour guide, and who has a true passion for teaching others about the endangered Phyrigian Bee Orchid. This tiny orchid …


VIDEO: Inspiring Schools – A beautiful permaculture garden at a local school

So many schools, both big and small, undertake some wonderfully inspiring programs for their students and community. Here at Natura we love having the opportunity to share some of the things we are lucky enough to see while visiting these great inspiring schools on our travels. Take a look at the beautiful permaculture garden at …


VIDEO: Native stingless bees – How to make a hive seperator

Another great video about how to care for a native bee hive. This time Kieran and his young son Beau show you how to make a hive seperator, along with how to install it and how it will benefit your own native bee hive. To see our other videos about our wonderful native bees take a …


VIDEO: Budding a native bee hive

Join Kieran and Bastian as they show you how to ‘bud’ a native bee hive. By budding a hive you can essentially create two hives from the one and so double the chances of survival for a settlement of native stingless bees that needs to be relocated due to clearing activities. If you would like …


VIDEO: Some laughs with the Natura team from 2016!

Well 2016 was an awesome year for Natura Pacific! Our amazing team worked hard and we achieved so much. Even better… we had a lot of laughs along the way. Throughout 2016 the Natura team dedicated ourselves to producing the many videos that you may have seen on our Latest News feed. We wanted to …


VIDEO: Back from the Brink – Part 3 (Cont.): The Angle-stemmed Myrtle (Gossia gonoclada)

Following on from our last video on the endangered plant species Gossia gonoclada, we come back to Griffith University’s PhD candidate Tamara Taylor to learn more. In this video Tamara explains why this species is in danger of extinction, the threats it faces and what we can do to help its recovery. A quick note: Tamara …


VIDEO: Back from the Brink – Part 3: The Angle-stemmed Myrtle (Gossia gonoclada)

For the month of March we join PhD candidate from Griffith University, Tamara Taylor, who will guide us in taking a closer look at the endangered plant Gossia gonoclada or the Angle-stemmed Myrtle.  In this first video Tamara explains what this plant looks like and where it is found in South East Queensland. Stay tuned for …

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