Nangur Spiny Skink

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Between a rock and a dry place - the story of the Nangur Spiny Skink

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Nangur Spiny Skink

Nangura spinosa

Nestled in the picturesque landscapes of the Gympie region in Australia lies a hidden gem of biodiversity—the Nangur spiny skink (Nangura spinosa). This fascinating lizard, adorned with tiny spines and endemic to the mountainous vine thickets in the Gympie region has become a symbol of the region’s rich and distinctive natural heritage. Only two populations are known to exist at the present day and the exact locations of these populations have been removed from openly accessed records to protect the Nangur spiny skink against poaching. Furthermore, access to these areas has been restricted to the public to protect this species even further.


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