Loggerhead Sea-turtle

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From nest to ocean - the story of the Loggerhead Sea-turtle

Understand the Nest to Ocean project that has rolled out across Queensland. The project has empowered Traditional Owners and local communities to come together to reduce nest predation and help protect turtle nests.




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Loggerhead Sea-turtle

Caretta caretta

Migration is a remarkable thing. For our native sea-turtles, Queensland beaches are a springboard from which their young begin a massive oceanic adventure. But with our modern-day use of coastal lands and waters, there is mounting pressure on these tiny voyagers. One of the biggest threats comes from predation of sea-turtle nests on land. So, in 2014, the Nest to Ocean Program was created to fund, support, and empower communities across Queensland to confront this threat head-on and give both hatchlings, and their species, a fighting chance at survival. This is the story of the Loggerhead Sea-turtle.

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