Red and Yellow Mountain Frog

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The fungus and the frog - the story of the Red and Yellow Mountain Frog

Understand the severity of chytrid fungus as a pandemic that affects the world's frogs and what we can do to help fight the spread.




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Red and Yellow Mountain Frog

Philoria kundagungan

Imagine you’re a tiny frog, adorned in bright gold and red. Only a handful of people know you exist amongst the cloud forest mountain tops of South East Queensland. You’re well adapted to your home there. Your tadpoles never need to see a body of water during their young lives but instead live happily alongside you in the damp soil of your burrow. But climate change is causing your safe mountain top to become ever drier and warmer, and clearing of native vegetation isolates your mountain refuge so that you can’t mix with other populations. This is the story of the Red and Yellow Mountain Frog...

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