Threatened plants are heading back into the wild

Threatened plants are heading back into the wild

225 new seedlings heading off to their new home

We are really excited this week at Natura as we move ahead to plant 225 young trees in the regenerating bushland at a new development in Upper Coomera!

These little beauties are not just any old trees, but are 2 threatened tree species that are sadly now very rare in the wild – and there are 225 of them!

Long-leaved Tuckeroo (Cupaniopsis newmanii)


The first, the Long-leaved Tuckeroo (Cupaniopsis newmanii) is a stunning young tree with long saw-toothed fronds that make it look almost like a small palm when it’s in its early stages. The young shoots are crimson pink aging to emerald green. The tree bears a bounty of orange fleshy fruits with tasty arils (the inner attachment containing the seed) that native fruit doves such as the Wompoo Fruit-dove (Ptilinopus magnificus) love to chow down on.

The other species, the Rough-shelled Nut (Macadamia tetraphylla) is much better known as our beloved Macadamia bearing the famous tasty snacks that we have learned to love in their millions! Their leathery, strap-like leaves are prickly to touch, but amongst the green crowns in the cooler months the trees bear long pendulant racemes of creamy flowers, followed shortly by the tasty nuts.

The fruit of the Rough-shelled Nut (Macadamia tetraphylla)

We are planting these trees as part of a long-term reintroduction program into the development’s natural green corridors to boost the populations of these threatened species. We will be monitoring their health and growth over the next 3 years ensuring they get the best start in life and continue to contribute to the survival of their species for many years to come!

If you would like to know more about this, or any of our other rehabilitation projects then get in touch (click here to contact us) – we would love to tell you more.

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