Wildlife of the Gold Coast

Wildlife of the Gold Coast

On Sunday 2nd November last year one of our team members attended a book launch for what looks to be an exciting new resource for anyone with an interest in our local wildlife – professionals and laymen alike! “Wildlife of the Gold Coast” is a great new book which has been produced by the Loders Creek Catchment Association Inc. with the assistance of the City of Gold Coast and the local community.

WildlifeBookCollageThe book is authored by Damian White and features an array of stunning photographs by Narelle Power, Damian White, Doug White and Ed Meyer. For each of the many species of insect, fish, reptiles, amphibians, birds and mammals featured, a detailed photograph is included along with the creature’s common and scientific name, description and habitat, along with notes on its occurrence on the Gold Coast and where sightings have been recorded.

This fantastic book is being provided free of charge to the public and you can grab your copy by contacting the City of Gold Coast Catchment Management Unit, visiting the Gold Coast Regional Botanic Gardens at Benowa or by contacting Jeannie White of the Loders Creek Catchment Association via jeanniefw@hotmail.com.

In addition to the book, the Loders Creek Catchment Association have also produced a beautiful large format 2015 calendar using more of the gorgeous photos by Narelle Power. These calendars are great quality and are helping to raise money and awareness for the Loders Creek group.


The calendars are selling for just $10.00 each and also come with a copy of the “Wildlife of the Gold Coast” book. If you would like to purchase a copy please contact Jeannie White on 0414 358 251 or by emailing jeanniefw@hotmail.com.

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