VIDEO: Back from the Brink – Cascade Tree-frog

VIDEO: Back from the Brink – Cascade Tree-frog

For the Gold Coast hinterland, one species needing our help in mapping and understanding where it’s last populations hang on, is the Cascade Tree-frog (Litoria pearsoniana).

So what is a bioblitz?

Well, it is a 24 hour rapid survey of a natural area to determine the tapestry of living things that occupy that space. Take a look at this latest episode of ‘Back from the Brink’ to learn more about how you can take part in the bioblitz program and you too could discover hidden populations of rare frogs.

And… you could WIN one of three tickets for the next survey! Just jump onto our Natura Pacific or Natura Education Facebook pages to find out how!

For more information on the Gold Coast Bioblitz Program, see:

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