What’s so great about a green wall?

What’s so great about a green wall?

What are the benefits of a green wall for your business?

They are a unique marketing tool…

Is a client going to remember the blank white walls of your conference room? Probably not. But, you can bet they’ll remember the beautiful vertical garden or green wall in your reception area. Green walls are also great for creating an eco-friendly, environmentally conscious image for your brand. Green walls (also commonly referred to as ‘vertical gardens’) are a massive trend right now. Homeowners and business owners alike are recognising the rewards of introducing one or more green walls to their property. Let’s look at how a vertical garden could benefit your commercial property.

They look amazing…

When you think of a ‘feature wall’, you most likely picture a brightly painted wall that stands out from the others in a room. Well, a green wall takes this aesthetic concept to a whole new level. A vertical garden doesn’t just stand out because of its vibrant colour – it’s also multi-textured and 3D. And it’s alive. You just can’t get the same impact and appeal from a bold shade of paint.

They improve the air…

A flourishing green wall is just as good for your health as it is pleasing to look at. The plants will provide you with natural air filtration, keeping your office’s air fresh and reducing pollutants like xylene and toluene. Plus, the natural visual of a vertical garden can promote positive wellbeing and productivity in staff. Think of a green wall like a pot plant on an employee’s desk – except it’s even more effective and can be enjoyed by everyone.

They can reduce your power bills…

Plant life can help keep your workspace cooler in summer, while having a wall of vegetation also adds an extra layer of insulation during winter. This means you could save money on electricity as your air conditioning has less of a burden.

They can reduce noise…

Think of all the main roads and highways that are lined with trees and other plants. This makes the streets less of an eyesore, yes, but they also provide a noise barrier between the car engines and the homes. The same principle applies to green walls – a few ferns can help improve noise reduction between rooms.

Not totally convinced?

Check out how our own vertical garden is growing by taking a look at these links:

VIDEO: Introducing our new vertical garden!

VIDEO: Our green wall is growing!

VIDEO: Our beautiful green wall – look at it now!

Or get in touch with our team at Natura Pacific to further discuss the benefits of adding a green wall to your premises – and how we can help you make it happen.

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