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The Waterways Field Guide – Teaching Resource

The Waterways Field Guide Project was conducted during 2015 to 2016 and was a joint initiative between Natura Education, City of Gold Coast and Gold Coast Waterwatch. This project produced four practical, informative and colourful field guides for students and community groups to use while exploring our waterways.  This project brought together well-researched information on all aspects …


Pimpama River Catchment Study Guide – South East QLD

Produced during 2013, the Pimpama River Catchment Study Guide rolls together information on catchment health, environmental processes, cultural significance, water quality, catchment health assessment and monitoring procedures in a ‘user-friendly’ format for teachers and students. It also provides lesson plans including a catchment tour for teachers and students and work booklets for students from years …


Waterway Health Assessments of Sandy Creek, Loders Creek and Oakey Creek – Gold Coast QLD

Undertaken as three separate projects between 2012 and 2013, a major objective was to provide a waterway health assessment of the current conditions for each catchment.  The condition assessment was implemented to provide baseline monitoring of the catchment under baseflow conditions in both spring and autumn and to provide a reference point in order to …


Gold Coast Waterwatch Program – City of Gold Coast QLD

Natura Pacific successfully coordinated the Gold Coast Waterwatch program from 2009 to 2016, teaching thousands of students from early childhood through to senior high school about the importance of our waterways and catchments. Natura Education’s efforts included lifting participation rates from an average of 1,700 students per annum to 3,096 in the first year to …


VIDEO: Habitat for the future – a visit to the Arthur Gorrie Correctional Centre nursery

Join Mark and Desiree as they show you the fantastic work that is being done at the Arthur Gorrie Correctional Centre growing native seedlings to restore our waterway habitat. The Connecting Community for Waterways project is undertaken as a service to the community, and focuses on students and community collecting native seeds to provide as a …


VIDEO: Exploring Banksia heath in the Logan Shire

Take a moment to experience the sights and sounds of some beautiful Banksia heath tucked away in the Logan Shire. While enjoying the beauty of amazing native landscapes such as this, our Natura Consulting team are also working hard to ensure that our valuable natural areas are being protected as they should. If you are …


A new species of water bug on the Gold Coast

Here at Natura Education we are very privileged to be working with a team of educators and scientists that are not only skilled in delivering a variety of education programs to students of all ages, but are also experts in their respective fields. John Pumpurs is Natura Education’s resident frog and water bug expert and …


We are 2016 Healthy Waterways Awards Finalists!

We are very excited to share that our recently released Waterways Field Guide has been nominated as a finalist for the 2016 Healthy Waterways Awards, in the category of Sustainable Education. These guides were developed as an initiative of Gold Coast Waterwatch, which was supported and undertaken by both the City of Gold Coast Catchment Management …


Waterways Field Guide – Series 2 to 4 are here!

In December last year, Natura Pacific and City of Gold Coast released the first in a series of field guides titled “Waterways Field Guide, Series 1: Water Bugs”. Take a look at our article on this here. Being an initiative of Gold Coast Waterwatch, the Water Bugs guide was quickly heralded to be a success by …


Gold Coast Hidden Gem: The Guanaba Indigenous Protected Area

As discussed in a previous article, one of our Natura team was lucky enough to attend a native seed collection workshop which was run by SEQ Catchments working in cooperation with Greening Australia. This workshop was held on-site at the Guanaba Indigenous Protected Area (GIPA) and was hosted by the Ngarang-Wal Gold Coast Aboriginal Association …

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